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At Foresee Associates we don’t do a ‘Resilience 101’ course or produce ‘off the shelf’ training programmes. We pride ourselves on tailoring our courses to the exact specifications of our clients. It means that more time is taken on preparation but as we would always say Preparation Matters! Here’s what our clients have said about our programmes.

Angus Council
Argyll and Bute Council
Blackwood Homes
Civil Contingencies Service
Coatbridge College
Dumfries and Galloway Council
East Ayrshire Council
Historic Scotland
Keltel Communications
New College Lanarkshire
NHS Lothian
Renfrewshire Council
Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution
Scottish Court Service
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
Scottish Football Association Limited
Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service
Scottish Police College
Scottish Resilience Development Service (ScoRDS)
Strathclyde Fire and Rescue
The Scottish Fire Services College
West Dunbartonshire Council

Civil Contingencies Service – Council Incident Officer (CIO) Programme 2017

CIO Initial Programme – Johnstone, 11 May 2017

CIO Initial Programme – Clydebank, 12 May 2017

(Live Play) Exercise Watermark: 16, 17, 18 May 2017

“Enjoyable and informative day, thank you. Training was interesting and delivered by two highly knowledgeable, experienced practitioners. I will use the tools and templates provided on this course.”   

CIO Programme Attendee.

“Great to work outdoors and see how experienced blue light partners manage these challenging situations and difficult decisions. Feel much better prepared to perform CIO role.”

Exercise Watermark Participant.

Keys Skills for Crisis Management
Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks
Perth, 23 March 2017

“Following the success of the previous Portsmouth workshop, this half-day programme was designed for SSEN’s Scottish region’s Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) and their role in emergencies arising from prolonged electricity outages. The programme covered situational awareness, briefing, decision making and logging information and was delivered with Foresee’s usual practical mix of syndicate work, videos, tools and templates. It was very well received by delegates.”

Mo Bates, SSEN, Lead Customer Relationship Manager, North.

Professional Development Award (PDA) in Resilience Management
Analysing Resilience Management (ARM) Unit – Cohort 8
Resilience: Evaluate and Develop Practice in Organisations (REDPO) – Cohort 5
January – April 2017
Scottish Government
Scottish Resilience Development Service (ScoRDS)

Tutor / assessor role in delivery of Scottish Government’s academic programme for resilience management.

Critical Infrastructure Resilience International Network – CIRINT.NET

January – April 2017
Scottish Government

Colin McGowan was contracted by Scottish Government as the Global Membership Officer for the Critical Infrastructure Resilience International Network (CIRINT) to develop and coordinate the CIRNT.NET project and re-establish the international network originally founded by the MIRACLE initiative.

The network focuses on critical infrastructure resilience, brings practitioners together from 17 Regions across Europe, the USA, Australia and Canada around the world to share knowledge, experience and expertise through international collaboration. 

“It has been an absolute delight working with Colin.  He brought his knowledge, experience and professionalism to bear on the project going much further than what was originally asked of him in the project brief.   I would have no hesitation is seeking Colin’s support for similar work in the future.”    

James Urquhart, Head of Resilient Essential Services and Communities Unit with Scottish Government and International Coordinator of CIRINT.

Integrated Emergency Management (IEM) Workshop

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks
Portsmouth, 1 December 2016

Workshop was designed for SSE Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) involved in managing prolonged electricity outages.

“Scotland gets more weather than here and it’s good to hear about how the Scottish region gears up in the face of severe weather and prolonged outages. Thank you for a very informative and worthwhile day.”

“I really enjoyed the issues thrown up by the table top exercise scenario – learned a lot, thanks.”
Workshop Attendees.

Renfrewshire Council – Exercise ‘Purple Rain’, 18 November 2016
Planning Consultants, Critical Friends and Exercise Facilitators

A follow up exercise to Exercise ‘Violet Cloud’ that examined the longer-term recovery issues facing the community and the local authority. Council Executive Team and CRMT ran with tactical and strategic levels of incident management being tested.

Planning and Preparedness Workshops

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks

Southampton, 3 – 4 October 2016

This workshop was a bespoke event commissioned by SSEN focusing on the challenges facing the independent care home sector when faced with severe weather events.

Threat Assessment, Management and Response
East Renfrewshire Council (Education) – 15 June 2016

This workshop was commissioned by Education Managers to combat a spate of hoax bomb alerts on school premises.

“This has totally changed how I am feeling and how I think re this. Much more confident and happy to have had all my worries and queries addressed. Many thanks.”

“It was interactive and provided simple statements that we can apply. Great to have an opportunity to ask genuine questions and get answers.”

“This was a good course - generated a lot of valuable discussion throughout. Helped diffuse concern around encountering a threatening incident. Presenters were very good - presentation / knowledge / response to questions. Handouts were helpful and easy to implement back at school. Good at putting these incidents into context. Thank you.”

Survey Monkey responses from course delegates.

Community Resilience Workshops

Stornaway, 30 May 2016
Tarbet, 31 May 2016
Bernarey, 1 June 2016
Barra, 11 June 2016

“Thank you for helping us with our plan. It will be very important information for the next time we lose power on the island”.

Bernarey Resident.

Civil Contingencies Service – Council Incident Officer (CIO) Programme 2016

CIO Initial Programme – Johnstone, 22 March 2016
(Live Play) Exercise Watermark: 5, 7, 28 April 2016

“Thank you for the opportunity to take part in a live play simulation with experienced ‘blue light’ role players. The pace and gravitas made the coordination meetings very real. This reinforced the learning from the classroom session.”

Senior Local Authority Manager

Professional Development Award (PDA) in Resilience Management

Analysing Resilience Management (ARM) Unit 
Cohort 7: January – April 2016
Scottish Government

Scottish Resilience Development Service (ScoRDS)

Tutor / assessor role in delivery of Scottish Government’s academic programme for resilience management.

Planning and Preparedness Workshop, Inverness – 26 January 2016

This workshop was a bespoke event focusing on the challenges facing the independent care home sector when faced with severe weather events.

“Thank you for all of the information and guidance you have provided today. Planning for emergency situations has been very much on my mind of late and there are some gaps in our own planning. Now that I have a better appreciation of how to approach this, I’m actually looking forward to doing the work required.”

Care Home Manager, North Region.

Health & Safety Awareness Workshop - Scottish Football Association - 27 November 2015

"I engaged Foresee Associates to design and deliver a Health & Safety Awareness workshop to various functional staff groups who organise events and promotions as part of their role with the Scottish FA. The two directors arranged advance planning meetings to ensure that the event was tailored to our exact requirements and they adapted local policies and procedures into the workshop content. The event included a practical explanation of relevant legislation and a table top exercise with a succession of short scenarios that tested delegates on identifying the hazards, risks and control measures that applied to their duties.

Delegates participated fully in the sessions and feedback was extremely positive on how the event was delivered. I would have no hesitation recommending the services of Foresee.”

Ann Quinn

Health & Safety Manager

Scottish FA

Community Resilience Workshop

Isle of Skye, 2 September 2015

“Thanks to SSE for all their help with writing our plan. The session was very practical and gave us a good starter for 10.”

Skye Resident.

Civil Contingencies Service – Exercise ‘Violet Cloud’, 8 June 2015

Critical Friends and Exercise Facilitators

Assisting the CCS with the delivery and facilitation of a table top exercise, featuring all three council Chief Executives together with their Senior Management Teams. The scenario featured around a hazardous chemical spill and management of the subsequent consequences for the communities affected.

Effective Debriefing (Multi Agency Programme) June 2014

"I attended the above programme at the invitation of ScoRDS and formed part of a multi-agency student group studying the art of Effective Debriefing. It was a hugely enjoyable course, with the two facilitators including a significant amount of practical content and numerous debriefing exercises to ensure that the students learned the required skills set with a degree of confidence. I feel better equipped to facilitate effective debriefs as a result of attending and I would recommend this course to anyone who requires to undertake debriefings as a part of their role."
Mark Thomson
Co-ordinator / Principal Resilience Adviser
D&G Local Resilience Partnership / D&G Council

Crisis Management Workshops – February / March 2014

“Thought the pace of the course was very good and allowed time for discussion. Scenarios were thought provoking and allowed very useful debate.”

“Enjoyed the engagement, made me think of very difficult decisions and what to do in those matters. Delivered well.
Thank you.”

“Excellent course, delivered professionally instructive and educational.”

“Excellent course, well presented and useful. Thank You.”

(Comments from Crisis Management Workshop delegates)

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
Effective Debriefing Programmes – February / March 2014

“Excellent course, very professionally delivered. Learnt so much. One of the best development courses I've attended as a Station Manager. Well Done”.

(Aberdeen Programme SFRS student)
“Excellent course, giving a structure to a task carried out often in the Fire Service. Has given me confidence in the process, should I be asked to conduct a debrief in the future”.

(Aberdeen Programme SFRS Student)

“Extremely informative and beneficial course, has greatly enhanced my knowledge and confidence to facilitate an effective debrief.
Delivery of the facilitators was pitched at an ideal level and clearly demonstrated the preparation that had gone into this.”

(Cambuslang Programme SFRS Student)

Fire Incident Officer (FIO) - The Multi Agency Response to Emergencies – May 2014

“This course has been well received, it has provided me with an in-depth understanding of the FIO role and responsibility.
Decision-making model card will be very useful in any task that is undertaken. Good summary of multi-agency partnership working in the new RRP's and how they should work.
Good course for all officers.”

(SFRS Station Manager)

“Excellent course, many thanks.”

(SFRS Watch Manager)

Community Resilience Workshop – Arran – March 2014

"Following the severe snow storms on Arran in March 2013, SSE engaged Foresee Associates to design, develop and deliver a Community Resilience Workshop for the island communities. Colin and John worked closely with the SSE Stakeholder team to tailor the design to what was required and we were entirely satisfied with the outcome. The event which focused on Community Resilience Planning, drew an audience of over sixty participants and attracted very favourable feedback from all attendees."

Mo MacDougall, Community Liaison Manager (North)
Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution

Business Continuity Management Workshops – January 2014

"Argyll and Bute council identified a need to exercise our Critical Activity Recovery Plans (CARP) in terms of the Council's Business Continuity Management (BCM). We brought Foresee Associates as an independent  company to run a robust set of BCM critical incident scenarios to test our CARPs and our overall BCM arrangements. The resulting workshop examined the CARPs in detail and tested the player's levels of knowledge and preparedness to handle major disruptions to our critical services. The event proved highly effective in testing our BCM measures and was well received by all participants".

Carol Keeley
Civil Contingencies Manager
Argyll and Bute Council

New College Lanarkshire – PDA in Resilience Management December 2013 – April 2014

Cohort 5 – Certificate in Resilience Management

20 students successfully completed the Resilience Management unit as part of their Certificate in Resilience Management, which provides the option to go on and complete the full PDA.

“I could not have achieved a pass in this paper if you had not gave me some of your valuable time to direct me and I appreciate your assistance, thank you.”

“Thank you for all of your guidance on the subject matter for this course. I am new to resilience and didn’t appreciate the scale and scope of the topic. I enjoyed the unit very much and look forward to continuing my studies”.

(PDA Students)

Council Incident Officer Training / Emergency Exercise
"As part of a major review of resilience and ABC's emergency arrangements, I engaged Foresee Associates to deliver training for Council Incident Officers at Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.The programme included a half day, table top, emergency exercise which was designed to meet the particular needs of ABC's response to and recovery from a severe winter weather emergency. John and Colin met regularly with our team to ensure the course and the exercise fitted our requirements and the outcome across five deliveries was very positively received and highly rated by all participants".

Morag Brown
Business Improvement Manager
Community Services
Argyll and Bute Council

Defensible Decision Making
"I engaged Foresee Associates to deliver a 'Defensible Decision Making' event for senior Fire & Rescue officers based on the ACPO National Decision Model. The complete experience was refreshing due to the professionalism of the trainers, the client focussed approach, the level of communication, pre work and attention to detail.  The delivery element included an exercise which tested delegates on how they arrived at crucial decisions when commanding major incidents. I was most impressed to see senior officers walk through their decision making processes across a number of highly credible fire & rescue scenarios" and witnessed the improvements that the course input had on the outcomes.

Garry Milne
Head of Operations
Strathclyde Fire and Rescue.

Crisis Communications and the Use of Social Media
"We brought Foresee Associates in to run one on of our Digital Workshops at SNBTS. The theme was Crisis Communications and the Use of Social Media. The two directors really know their subject and demonstrated how quickly reputation management issues need to be considered when confronting a crisis in the rapidly moving social media landscape. The case studies they featured were very thought provoking and the SNBTS  team took a huge amount away from the event."

Jennifer Wilson
National Donor Publicity Manager
Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

Use of Social Media in Crisis Communication
"I engaged Foresee Associates to present to Scotland’s most senior and experienced NHS communications experts at a major conference entitled 'Supporting Quality Through Effective Communications'. They presented an Emergency Planning workshop called "Use of Social Media in Crisis Communications" to a packed audience at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow.
“The two directors are vastly experienced experts in the field of resilience and spent some time preparing and planning for the conference, creating the content to my exact requirement. The workshop was topical, well researched, superbly presented and was very well received, with positive feedback from delegates. Foresee were excellent value and knew their subject matter inside out. I would have no hesitation in recommending their work."

Stuart R Wilson, MCIPR, ACMI
Director of Communications
NHS Lothian

The Scottish Fire Service College
Effective Debriefing Programme – April 2012

“Fantastic learning opportunity. Well presented and delivered at a good pace.”

“Thought this course was a good insight into effective debriefing adding a new tool to aid me in my development. Understand the model and how it can be tweaked”.

“The course is very professionally run by 2 very experienced persons on the subject matter”.

(SFSC Effective Debriefing Delegates)

Critical Incident Decision Making
"My Leadership and Professional Development Division of the College recently engaged Foresee Associates to deliver a series of presentations on "Critical Incident Decision Making' as part of our Silver Command Training Module. The inputs were well researched, presented to a very high standard and very well evaluated by the tactical  managers on the course. In particular, the practical exercise designed for this programme is very well received. The two directors have a wealth of experience in the resilience arena and I have no hesitation in recommending their services".

ACC John Geates QPM
Scottish Police College
Tulliallan Castle

“Your satisfaction rating from last week was an impressive 92%, so well done and thanks. Here’s what some of the students said:”

“Excellent knowledgeable and credible presenters.  They engaged very well with the students.”

“Quality interactive presentations. Exercise ‘Pandora’s Box’ element was very worthwhile, interactive and educational.”

“One of the best courses I have ever attended in 22 years police service and will be of immense benefit.”

Chief Inspector Andy Brown
Leadership & Professional Development
Scottish Police College
Tulliallan Castle

Effective Debriefing
"I engaged Foresee Associates to deliver their Effective Debriefing programme and was very pleased with the results. Their debriefing model is highly flexible and the accompanying documentation provides useful templates for writing the debrief report. The students really enjoyed the practical elements of the programme which has given them the skills and confidence to utilise the debriefing model for civil contingencies applications and various other areas of council business."

John Donlin
Civil Contingencies Manager
Civil Contingencies Service
Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Councils

Loggist Training
"We utilised the experience and expertise of Foresee to assist in delivering a bespoke Loggist course for staff drawn across a number of council service areas. The training was very practically focused and the dedicated emergency exercise provided a robust test of our new loggist's abilities.  I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to colleagues."

Lisa Curlett
Civil Contingencies Officer
Civil Contingencies Service

Council Incident Officer (CIO) Training
"Having brokered agreement with our three Chief Executives, the concept of Council Incident Officers (CIOs) was introduced to the CCS resilience planning and emergency response arrangements. I engaged Foresee Associates to design and deliver a bespoke training programme for the Chief Officers selected to perform this critical role for their councils. Following close consultation with the two company directors around the course design and content, the resultant programme was very well received and highly evaluated by all participants."

John Donlin MSc
Civil Contingencies Officer
Civil Contingencies Service

“A note of thanks to you for arranging the above, the experience was excellent with Messrs Harkin, McGowan et al delivering a truly first class session. We hope that there isn’t a need for you to invoke emergency protocols but if you do then these guys have given us, over the two days, a solid grounding to deliver what is expected of us”.

Stuart W. Jamieson
Head of Service
Regeneration and Planning
Inverclyde Council

Use of Social Media During Emergencies
“I just wanted to say thank you for the training yesterday, I thought it was really useful and pitched at just the right level for our mix of experience. Delivery was excellent and kept the team interested throughout with extremely relevant case studies.

Thanks again!”

Jill Lambert
Communications Manager
Chief Executive's
Renfrewshire Council

'Development and design of Strategic Training for the eight Strategic Co-ordination Groups (SCGs) in Scotland'

'Development and delivering of training at a Tactical level to Category One and Two Responders across Scotland'

‘We employed one of the Directors, over a considerable period, to carry out a series of events and learning and development activities.   He was professional throughout and consistently produced work on time, which was of a high quality and met the needs of the intended audience.  In writing exercise materials he demonstrated he had a real grasp of the issues ensuring we really challenged participants.  We pride ourselves in carrying out robust evaluations of our training programmes in the spirit of continuous improvement and we have been very pleased with the evaluation scores and comments following each programme he delivered.’   

Allan Todd
Head of Scottish Resilience Development Service (ScoRDS)

Effective Debriefing
“I thought I knew how to debrief before the course but learning about the different stages in the model and how to best prepare for a debrief has really struck home. In my line of work, the other uses of this model will prove invaluable.”

Margaret Nicoll
Learning & Development Co-ordinator
Scottish Resilience Development Service (ScoRDS)

Resilience Management
Critical Incident Decision Making

I engaged Foresee Associates to design these two (above) courses as part of the council’s Major Emergency Scheme (MES) to train our Tactical Support Group. The company’s willingness to align the courses with our emergency response and recovery arrangements was recognised by the very high evaluation the training achieved and by these comments in particular:
“Compared with other courses that I have attended /participated in regarding MES this has been by far and away the best.”

“It was particularly valuable in that the training was tailored to our local MES arrangements. The facilitators understood what contribution the local authority makes to response and recovery (they did not understand this at Easingwold).”

David Gurney
Service Manager
Civil Protection & Corporate Risk
Dumfries and Galloway Council

Resilience Audit and Review
Emergency Exercise
‘Based on their expertise and experience Historic Scotland recently hired Foresee Associates to carry out an audit, review and exercise of our resilience arrangements.  Working with Historic Scotland’s Senior Management Team Foresee Associates carried out the project to a very high standard and we were very impressed with the delivery of this.’

Ian Walford
Chief Operating Officer
Historic Scotland

Exercise Edinburgh Castle II

This Table Top exercise was themed around 'Crisis Communications' to focus on Historic Scotland's Communications Team and their response to a critical major incident. The session included an input from one of our media associates and examined issues around media management, co-ordinating the message to the public and the impact of social media.

Design, development and delivery of the new Scottish Government sponsored (ScoRDS) Professional Development Award (PDA) in Resilience Management.

Tutor / Marker role for Analysing Resilience Management modules.

Cohort 1 – 2009 / 10
Cohort 2 – 2010 / 11
Cohort 3 – 2011 / 12
Cohort 3 – 2011 / 12
Cohort 4 – 2012 / 13

Coatbridge College - PDA in Resilience Management

'Exercise Planning and Design Course'

'Partnership Planning for Emergencies'

'Effective Debriefing'

'Loggist Training'

'Emergency Plans - Audit, Review and Exercise'

Scottish Court Service

"We engaged Foresee Associates to deliver a series of 'Conflict Management and Tactical Communications' training presentations  to our Minor Grade Referees as part of their personal development. The company representative tailored the content to the needs of our training programme and we were very pleased with the end result".

Hugh Dallas
Head of Referee Development 
Scottish Football Association Limited

"I consulted Foresee Associates to assist me in bringing a bespoke item of technical communications equipment to a highly specialised market in the law enforcement community. Their support, advice and assistance was invaluable and paid dividends in terms of a very positive and satisfactory outcome.  I would be happy to recommend their excellent services to any prospective client."

Alistair Douglas
Managing Director 
Keltel Communications 
Thistle House 

“Following the Elections in 2007, it was recognised that a considerable number of new Councillors had limited experience in Local Government and therefore required varying degrees of training on a range of matters including civil contingencies.  This was further recognised in the recent Audit Scotland report and as a result I invited Foresee Associates to design and deliver a seminar for Elected Members.  The resulting seminar was well received and highly rated by the Elected Members both in terms of content and delivery.
I have therefore no hesitation in recommending this company to others”.
William Stafford
Executive Director of Neighbourhood Services
East Ayrshire Council