Our Products and Services

Foresee Associates will provide a comprehensive range of audits/inspections, training programmes, seminars, planning reviews, exercises, presentations, organisational / team resilience checks and structured de-briefings.

All of our services and products will be client focused, based on the needs and specification of our customers. The following summary, which is not exhaustive, provides examples of those available:

Resilience - Audit and Review

Audit, Review, Inspection and bespoke emergency exercises to test plans.

Resilience / Civil Contingencies Planning

Integrated Emergency Management, Role of the Incident Officer / Council Incident Officer (CIO), Principles of Command & Control, Chairing Tactical Coordination Meetings, Operating Co-ordination Centres, Dealing with the Media and Co-ordination Centre Design.

Crisis Management

Major Critical Incident Management, Critical Incident Decision Making, Situational Awareness, Defensible Decision Making, The "Three Minute Briefing", Chairing Crisis Management Meetings, Crisis Command Centre Design, Media Management / Managing Media / Social Media in a Crisis and Contingency Planning.

Business Continuity Planning

Resilience, Audit Analysis, Preparing Plans, Testing and Exercising Plans.

Effective Facilitation

Bespoke training on facilitating sessions for meetings, debriefings, exercises and corporate events.

Loggist Training

Practically based Loggist Training covering role, documentation, tactical meetings and including a Major Incident exercise.

Other Services

Foresee Associates will provide tailored solutions for your organisation, with personalised and bespoke Training and Consultancy Services in the fields of Resilience, Crisis Management, Contingency Planning, Loss Prevention, Business Continuity, Exercise Planning (Delivery and Facilitation) and Effective Debriefing.

Foresee will work with organisations, teams and individuals to develop personal and group leadership resilience, in particular, in the area of Critical Incident Management.

We offer a Resilience Audit and Inspectorate service to scrutinise and advise on the preparedness of your people and your plans to cope with a major incident or critical failure.

Remember "failing to plan is planning to fail".