Civil Contingencies Planning

Contingency Planning

Are you required by law to have documented contingency plans or is there a part of your business where such plans would bring peace of mind?

Preparing, documenting and exercising contingency plans is not something you want to leave to chance or the last minute.

Having to re-act and carry out remedial work after something has gone wrong can be expensive.

Contingency planning needs to be initiated by people who know what they are doing, identifying and documenting risks and scheduling exercise regimes.

At Foresee Associates we can

  • examine the statutory framework covering your organisation
  • alleviate business pressures brought on by a lack of planning
  • document key actions required following a crisis
  • train staff in preparing contingency plans
  • oversee or administer testing programmes

to maintain appropriate levels of organisational and situational readiness.

Effective De-briefing

How well prepared was your organisation to deal with a specific challenge it faced or a business opportunity presented?

How well did your organisation perform?

What can we do better in future?

Effective Debriefing can be used not only for reviewing challenging events or exercises but also for evaluating courses, motivating individuals and teams, consultation on best value, change or general research.

It is a simple and extremely effective method for reviewing experiences. It follows a set of values built on fairness and equality. It is not designed to problem solve or for group decision making but primarily to gather information that will allow others to do so.

At Foresee Associates we can

  • develop a package tailored to your specific requirements
  • facilitate effective debrief sessions to maximise the learning gained
  • capture valuable learning and compile written reports

to provide information that will allow you to monitor and develop performance within your organisation.

Chairing Multi-agency Meetings

Are you an effective chair of multi-agency / departmental meetings?

Have you received specific training to enable you to carry out this role?

Can you harness the knowledge and skills within multi-disciplinary groups and produce desirable outcomes? Chairing meetings effectively is a skill that is rarely self taught.

At Foresee Associates we can

  • deliver tailored training for staff who may have to chair multi-agency / departmental meetings
  • offer non threatening opportunities to develop the key skills in an exercise setting
  • establish an action plan or checklist for staff to follow if they are tasked with this role at short notice

to individually prepare staff for this sometimes daunting and challenging role.

Strategic Minute Taking

Do you regularly participate in strategic level meetings?

Have you access to staff, who are trained in the critical role of minute taking?

How confident are you that the record taken accurately reflects the business of the meeting?

Would the actions taken or decisions made stand up to an external scrutiny?

Minute taking is not a black art, its primary purpose is to provide an accurate record of the business transacted for future record. It should include details of those who contributed to or participated in making decisions. The content should be clear and concise, accurate, grammatically correct and proof read.

At Foresee Associates we can

  • develop tailored training for those members of staff who may have to undertake this important role
  • work with individuals or teams
  • provide individual coaching and exercise staff in simulated meetings
  • create a template for staff to assist them when they undertake this role

to provide a level of confidence which ensures the highest possible standard of minute taking to support your organisation.

Design and Operating Co-ordination Centres

How does your organisation co-ordinate its response in a crisis?

Do you have a crisis management room?

What would you require and how would it operate?

Co-ordination is about working together toward a common goal or outcome. One of the major difficulties in any crisis is having access to accurate and assessed information, which ideally can be collated and disseminated from a single point. A properly designed and tested facility will provide your organisation with the re-assurance and confidence to support your management team and their strategic objectives.

At Foresee Associates we can

  • assess and formulate the design requirements of a crisis management / co-ordination facility
  • develop an effective mechanism for collecting, evaluating and communicating information
  • train staff in processes and procedures
  • develop testing and training regimes

to provide a facility from which accurate, verified and assessed information will support, compliment and assist the organisations decision making process.

Dealing with the Media

Are you prepared to be a media spokesperson for your organisation?

Do you understand the media role in emergencies?

Do you possess the skills to cope successfully with the level of media interest?

Designed for those who may need to provide a TV or radio interview or prepare a press release during periods of high media demand.

At Foresee Associates we can

  • deliver bespoke media training packages
  • raise staff awareness of how to deal with the media during emergencies and critical incidents
  • provide simulated media interviews

to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness in dealing with the media.

Loggist Training

How well equipped are your staff to effectively capture the key information required when responding to an emergency, critical incident or other disruptive challenge?

Would your organisation benefit from having a dedicated trained team to log the critical pathways, key decisions and outcomes from incidents which might be subject to legal scrutiny in the future? We offer the opportunity for you to establish a cadre of trained loggists to perform this vital function.

At Foresee Associates we can
  • provide participants with the knowledge, skills and methodology to perform the loggist's role
  • provide practical training to equip loggists to perform their role at major incidents
  • provide a bespoke credible and challenging emergency exercise to test loggists in role

to enhance the preparedness and emergency response of your organisation.

Effective Facilitation

How well prepared are you to facilitate that important meeting, focus group, conference, exercise debriefing session or corporate event?

How well equipped is your department to professionally facilitate a challenging or demanding meeting forum?

Do you have the necessary people assets to professionally facilitate training exercises, team presentations, debriefings or critical incident investigations? Are the facilitators trained, prepared and confident of a successful outcome?

Effective Facilitation can make a world of a difference to how professionally your organisation performs and is perceived by clients, colleagues and partners and to how successfully or otherwise it achieves its outcomes. Most who are asked to perform this challenging role, immediately recognise the difference between briefing, presenting and facilitating with the latter category requiring a much more developed skills set.

At Foresee Associates we can

  • develop an Effective Facilitation training package tailored to your specific requirements
  • coach and develop your facilitators to enhance their performance
  • undertake the facilitator's role on your behalf
to enhance the professional facilitation skills of your organisation.