Loss Prevention and Security Services

Loss Prevention Services

Are you experiencing unacceptable levels of losses through internal or external theft or fraud in your business, retail units, departments, offices or warehouse?

How confident are you that staff are aware of how internal and / or external losses are occurring?

How satisfied are you that current stock controls and stock takes are being conducted and processed correctly and that losses are not being under reported?

How satisfied are you that staff has the knowledge, skills and information required to effectively deal with these situations?

At Foresee Associates we can

  • review and report on existing levels of loss
  • recommend improvements and changes to working practices
  • conduct Loss Prevention Workshops to increase staff awareness
  • review and asses your levels of physical security
  • conduct internal investigations which comply with Human Resources processes and procedures
  • assist with the introduction and implementation of Loss Prevention policies and procedures
  • map out a programme of attitudinal and cultural change for staff

To reduce the levels of loss and promote the ethos of Loss Prevention, improving working practices, raising staff awareness and enhancing the loss prevention culture within your business.

"Loss Prevention - Protecting the Profit"

Security Co-ordination and Review

Security Co-ordination and Review

How confident are you in the security measures you have in place to protect your business processes, personnel, property, staged event or the organisationís reputation?

Are you satisfied that identified threats or risks have been mitigated or reduced?

Do you have contingency plans to deal with changes in your operational environment? A Security Review or access to a Security Co-ordinator should bring a clear focus to all aspects of operational security for a particular event or location. All threats and vulnerabilities need to be identified and counter measures co-ordinated to effectively mitigate or reduce any identified risks.

At Foresee Associates we can

  • analyse existing security arrangements
  • undertake a threat and vulnerability assessment
  • identify and develop arrangements to assist in reducing identified risks
  • provide a detailed Security Assessment
  • train staff in key situational roles
  • initiate a self test culture to ensure constant standards,
to ensure the safety of your staff, property, staged event or organisationís reputation.