Resilience Audit and Review

How confident are you that your organisation could respond effectively to an emergency, major incident or other disruptive challenge?

How resilient are your people, plans, processes and procedures to cope when confronted by an emergency?

At Foresee Associates we can
  • audit and review your emergency plans and arrangements
  • inspect your organisation's processes and procedures for managing emergencies
  • exercise staff, plans and procedures against a simulated, credible emergency scenarioe

to enhance organisational resilience and better prepare staff for worst case scenarios.

Information Sheet

Resilience Management

How well prepared is your organisation to deal with the disruptive challenges it can be confronted with in today's rapid moving, interconnected and increasingly fragile society?

How resilient are your people, plans, processes and procedures? How effective are your emergency planning procedures?

How well prepared or equipped are your people to fulfil their obligations under civil contingencies legislation? What will your partners contribute to a multi agency response to major incidents, crises, disasters or civil emergencies?


At Foresee Associates we can

  • tailor bespoke programs to the precise needs of our clients at the operational, tactical or strategic level
  • design, develop and deliver realistic emergency exercises

to face the threats, risks and hazards presented by today's world.

Integrated Emergency Management

How prepared is your organisation and staff to deal with an emergency?

Would your response be planned and delivered as an extension of day-to-day business and associated processes?

In any response to an emergency the principles of 'Integrated Emergency Management' concentrate on the effects rather than the causes of the emergency.

At Foresee Associates we can

  • review existing measures adopted to deal with an emergency
  • facilitate the development of flexible and adaptable arrangements commensurate with your business needs
  • identify key actions required to support a co-ordinated response
  • develop plans which can be underpinned by testing and training regimes
  • outline activities necessary to provide a rapid return to normality

to enhance organisational preparedness for successfully dealing with and responding to emergencies.

Principles of Command & Control

Ever wondered how the Police Service successfully co-ordinates its response to operationally challenging incidents?

Would your organisation benefit from tried and tested practices and processes capable of being used in a crisis?

Do you have staff that are trained and able to take on key functional roles when the pressure is on?

At Foresee Associates we can

  • demonstrate the systems and models used by the Police Service to co-ordinate complicated events
  • develop bespoke models for individual customers / organisations
  • train staff in key situational roles
  • initiate a self test culture to ensure constant preparedness

to promote a robust command and control regime.